Welcome to Team Swapit: Stephanie

swapit-team_mugshot_stephanieWe’re all happy that Stephanie has joined us at Swapit HQ last week and is now part of the Swapit team. Here is a quick overview over the Stephanie’s scope of work:

Stephanie loves UI and UX design and has taken charge of everything design-related at Swapit. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science from De La Salle University Manila and has previously worked at Hewlett-Packard.

Stephanie has joined the Swapit team in July 2016 to drive our design and user experience to new highs.

We’re already working on some new designs together and they will make their way in the next releases of Swapit on Android and iPhone as well onto our website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ accounts. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for new fresh design coming your way.

Have you tried Swapit yet? Give it a try, it’s free: http://get.swapit.la/now


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