SELL+WIN a Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker (August 1-15)

From August 1st (today) until August 15th, 2016 you can stand a chance to win a BRAVEN BRV-PRO speaker worth $1,500.

All you need to do is: Post any item for sale on Swapit. You will automatically enter the promotion.


The more items you post, the higher your chances!

If you post 2 items, you’ll double your chances to win. If you post 3 items, you’re chances are even higher, and so on. You can sell your items or post them as free give away items. Please make sure your items comply with our Swapit terms, though.

Go to Swapit now & post an item.
It only takes 30 seconds!
Post your item here:

SELL+WIN Braven BRV-PRO Speaker Timetable:

  • August 1: Launch campaign
  • August 1-15: Every Swapit user wo posts an item for sale, stands a chance to win
  • August 15: Campaign closes
  • August 16: One winner will be randomly selected
    (if you posted multiple items, you have multiple entries and your chances are higher)
  • August 16-17: Winner will be contacted
  • August 18-22: Winner ceremony will be held (exact date to be confirmed)

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.


This promotion is run in collaboration with Street Value Asia.

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