$100 Million on Swapit ↗️ 333% in a month


Just a little over a month ago Swapit’s GMV posted on our marketplace had surpassed $30 million, but now we just surpassed the $100 million. That’s an incredible growth if you consider that it took us 11 months to move from $1M to $30M of GMV posted on Swapit.

That’s up +333% over just the last month.

We’ve launched an app update in between, which made it easier to post items through our app, to promote it to your friends on social media and to discover new items (see Swapit Alerts and Make an Offer). At the same time, we’re adding more value for our users, which we prioritize mainly based on feedback we receive through surveys and direct conversations. It’s great so many reach out to me directly and that feedback makes it directly onto our feature list for upcoming releases.

So stay tuned for the next Swapit release. It’s just around the corner and will be launched soon!

Right, we’ve also given away a great prize to the winner of our INVITE+WIN campaign, we got accepted into the Cyberport Incubation Programme, .

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Swapit Updated: Make an Offer and more…

swapit-blog_filterWe just updated Swapit with a bunch of great new features.

You can get the latest Swapit app from Google Play and the App Store or by simply clicking here: http://get.swapit.la/now

In a nutshell, these are the most important additions: Make an Offer, Duplicate Items, Easy Chat List Access, Easier Social Sharing. They’ve made it to both the iPhone and the Android app.


We’re always listening to all of your feedback. Not so long ago, we ran a survey with all of you and we’ve receive absolutely great results. This current update of Swapit comes with many of the features you were looking for. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

swapit_screenshots_1-13-1-1_1_make-an-offerMAKE AN OFFER
The most wanted feature is here! With just one click you can now send an offer to the seller. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s made for you.

To make an offer, just open any item and hit the “MAKE AN OFFER” button. Adjust the price and hit “SEND”. That’s it.

Give it a try at this great bag from Winsome Lee: Kate Spade Handbag for $680.

For all of you who are selling similar items, you can now easily duplicate an existing item post and your new item post is completely pre-filled with the content of the item you’re duplicating your item from. Especially some of our power sellers were asking for this feature and we’re happy to make that available to you now.

swapit_screenshots_1-13-1-1_3_chat-listTo duplicate an item, just go to your item list / user profile, select the item you want to duplicate, hit the three dots at the top right corner and select “Duplicate”.

This is the most convenient way for sellers to get access to all the chats you have open with all potential buyers. It’s a great way to be efficient in your sales process, especially when you have many interested buyers.

Sharing is caring and we care a lot. So we made it dead simple to share your item post with your friends. The brand new sharing toolbar in each item makes it easy and accessible by just one click.


1-click supported are currently Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and LINE. Through the general “Share” button, it’s possible to share through any app that’s installed on your phone.

More social networks will be supported depending on demand. Please tell us which one you’d like us to add here.


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Just Launched: Swapit Alerts

swapit-blog_swapitalertWe just updated Swapit with a brand new feature: Swapit Alerts.

You can get the latest Swapit app from Google Play and the App Store or by simply clicking here: http://get.swapit.la/now

In a nutshell, a Swapit Alert lets you receive an instant notification if an item you are looking for pops up in your city. With just 1 click you can create a Swapit Alert.


How Swapit Alerts Work

Let’s say you are looking for a green sofa and you search Swapit. As a matter of fact, there is no green sofa on sale on Swapit right now. With just one click you can create yourself your own customer Swapit Alert on the search term “green sofa”. Now, every time an item gets posted, which matches that search term, you will receive an instant push notification.

Of course, we’ve also put some management capabilities into Swapit, which allow you to easily create more Swapit Alerts or delete an existing alert in case you’ve got what you wanted.

Swapit Alerts Video Demo

Here are some screen shots of how that looks like:

Swapit is the first mobile marketplace that launches such a feature in Asia. We are currently working on even more innovative solutions for our users. The next features are already being implemented while this blog post is being written. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for our next Swapit update!

Have you tried Swapit yet? Give it a try: http://get.swapit.la/now


Swapit Got Accepted into Cyberport Incubation Programme – Secures Access to $330,000

Cyberport_png_1845d38b-7b79-4492-9994-f72565ed78b9We are proud to announce that Swapit just got accepted into the Cyberport Incubation Programme. Yesterday, we have signed the necessary papers and we can now call ourselves “Cyberport Incubatee”.

Here is a quick intro the Cyberport Incubation Programme:

The Cyberport Incubation Programme is at the front and centre of Cyberport Entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups with financial assistance and a range of business and professional services to accelerate their growth in different stages.

The programme reimburses Incubatees with up to HK$330,000 over a 24-month incubation period to help them jump-start their businesses.

You can find out more at the official website: Cyberport Incubation Programme

swapit_marketing-dollarAs stated on their website, as an incubatee we will now receive a HK$50,000 cash grant as working capital. Furthermore, we will be able to access up to HK$280,000 in subsidies for staffing, marketing, advertising and professional services.

We’ve chosen to join their “off-site” program, which means we won’t be having an office at Cyberport for now.

Furthermore, there are additional benefits associated with being a Cyberport Incubatee. We will receive several rounds of mentoring from industry experts, have access to some Cyberport facilities and services – free of charge, and even get free hosting credits from some of Cyberport’s partners like Amazon Web Services and their AWS activate program.

The whole Swapit team is excited to be part of the Cyberport community and we are looking forward to a successful 2 year program.

Have you tried Swapit yet? It’s now available for iPhone and Android!
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Congratulations Robert – Winner of the Swapit SELL+WIN a Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker

We’re proud to announce the winner Robert of the BRAVEN BRV-PRO Bluetooth speaker, which we were giving away in our SELL+WIN promotion.

Congratulations Robert!


Screenshot_20160818-130244We had a lot of entries into our competition and Robert was one of our top users during the promotion period. With every post his chance to win increased. For example, he’s currently selling a Lenovo S100 laptop, which seems to be a great deal at $900. Check it out:

Lenovo S100 Laptop on Swapit

If’ve also got some great first-hand feedback from Robert on our Swapit app. That was very valuable to us and we will make sure that feedback makes its way into one of the next app releases of Swapit.

The Braven Bluetooth speaker was sponsored by Street Value Asia. Please visit their online shop at www.streetvalue.asia to view all Braven speakers. You can use the “SWAPITBRV” voucher to get $200 off every Braven speaker.

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Smartphone Shipments to Grow 5% in 2016 -APAC is Leading the Way

According to Canalys, global Smartphone shipments are set to grow by about 5% in 2016.


The great news about this report are the following growth projections for the APAC region:

  • China: ↗️ 13%
  • India: ↗️ 21%
  • Philippines: ↗️ 26%

Smart phone penetration in these markets remains low, meaning there is a big opportunity for vendors. Growth in established markets is harder to find[…]

Source Canalys Report on August 15, 2016.



swapit_marketing-chart-growSwapit is a true Asian startup. We’re based in Hong Kong – Asia’s World City – and we’ve launched here locally at first. From the onset, we’ve made it very clear that Swapit will go out of Hong Kong and into other markets. Swapit now supports 148 currencies, multi-locations, Android and iPhone and shows phenomenal growth locally in Hong Kong. Yet, we will definitely go out of Hong Kong and into other densely populated markets.

Smartphone growth rates in China, India and the Philippines are extremely encouraging for us. They clearly demonstrate that there is still a lot of growth left in those markets.

MOBILE ONLY … is the Swapit way to success.

swapit-blog_238-mobileFrom the onset, we wanted to build a truly mobile marketplace. We never even considered to have a full blown desktop website to publish your items, browse items and purchase them. We just believe the world is changing. While “web” is still in people’s minds and many people do like browsing website on a desktop computer (myself included), we also believe that the young generation out there will be truly mobile. Hong Kong for example has a smartphone penetration of more than 200%.

Think of it this way: In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. Everyone born in the 90’s and 2000’s are now in their teens, 20’s and some are soon reaching their thirties. They have never experienced a day on this world without the Internet.

In many parts of the world like the above mentioned China, India and Philippines, people’s first – and probably only – contact with the Internet will be on their mobile phone. Many will probably won’t never own a proper desktop computer – maybe a laptop at some point, but pretty much all will own a smartphone. They are using it day in and out with extremely high engagement rates on their favorite apps.

We are building Swapit for that future. A future where mobility is everything, where consumers do all their major transactions on and with their phone, where online-to-offline (O2O) transactions are as common as buying a bottle of water at 7-eleven.


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$30 Million on Swapit ↗️ 30,000%


Over the last weekend, Swapit’s GMV posted on our marketplace has surpassed $30 million. That’s an incredible growth if you consider that only 11 months ago we surpassed the $1M mark of GMV posted on Swapit.

That’s a total increase of +30,000% over the last 11 months.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen a very good number of new items being posted on Swapit due to our SELL+WIN promotion and perhaps the funny videos we published.

We are currently working hard on getting the next Swapit update to you. It will be Android beta 13 and iPhone beta 4. It will launch with a great new unique feature that utilizes our efficient buyer/seller matching based on our proprietary spacial algorithms, combined with instant push notifications. In the end, buyers will get a new way to customize their experience and sellers will be able to close deals faster. Stay tuned for the next update coming your way very soon!

You didn’t try Swapit yet? Download it for free at http://get.swapit.la