25 Tips to Sell Your Second Hand Stuff Online

swapit_marketing-dollarSelling your second hand things online is a great way to recover money you have previously spent on those items. At the same time, you also contribute to the environment by actively encouraging people to buy used items instead of purchasing new ones from the store.

There are a variety of websites online as well as places offline, where you can list your stuff for sale. One of the more popular such places is our Swapit Marketplace App. However, generally the rules are all the same and the real trick to finally make your sale, comes from a combination of different techniques you can use to:

  1. Present your product best
  2. Communicate its core purpose
  3. Show the price/value of that product

We’ve put together the probably most comprehensive list of 25 tips that help you close your sale quickly. Some of such tips are geared a bit toward our Swapit Marketplace, but most of them are generally applicable to any marketplace or classified out there. So let’s take a look at the full list of our 25 Tips to Make a Sale:

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Tips for Making a Sale on Swapit – Updated

After we published our first Tips for Making a Sale, we’ve now doubled our number of tips from 10 to 20. All come together nicely in a collection of separate images, which are easy to digest and help you close your sale faster.

This is how you make a sale:

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Swapit makes it easy to connect you with potential buyers nearby. Just make sure you follow our tips and you will be able to sell your stuff quickly.

If you haven’t used Swapit, you can get it from: http://get.swapit.la/now

An Email Series for Sellers: Tips for Making a Sale

Swapit is quickly approaching one of its major milestones. To accelerate the number of items being posted for sale on the platform, we are launching a new series of emails which we call “Tips for Making a Sale”.

Swapit as a trading platform, which aims to bring buyers and sellers of pre-loved items together, is in a unique place. While it’s also possible to trade new items besides those popular pre-loved ones, it is unique to our platform, that every single trader can be a buyer and a seller. Unlike other popular platforms (e.g. Amazon) where there is a strict buyer vs. seller separation, we at Swapit embrace the fact that all of our buyers are potentially sellers too – and vice versa.

To educate and to encourage our users to sell their items or offer them for free, we have now set up a series of simple tips to make a sale quickly. Each tip will be delivered in a separate email to allow people to focus on the message at hand. Today, we exclusively release our tips here on our blog –  ahead of the actual customer email reach-out, which starts later this week. Feel free to browse all 10 tips here:

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While most of the tips are common sense, it is always great to remind people of what’s important. At the same time, this gives us a reason to reach out to our users and remind them about Swapit – bringing the app and its useful nature back into their minds, directly boosts our engagement metrics.

Keep in mind, we are running the public beta of Swapit for several months now and some of our users have started using Swapit many months ago. So it is our obligation and our pleasure to ensure everyone is on the same page.

When browsing through our tips, I am sure, you will notice some of Swapit’s features, which you weren’t aware of yet. Again, this helps us to encourage engagement with the app and drive adoption to the next level.

Tips for Making a Sale – Schedule

We have scheduled our educational series of tips for Swapit at a weekly basis. Which means, users will receive their first Tip for Making a Sale exactly 7 days after sign up. We then stick to that schedule. Subsequently, everyone will receive a new tip by email once a week. Yes, there might be some folks who will unsubscribe from our newsletter because they just don’t like such emails – and that is absolutely fine. While we believe, we provide a lot of value to our users, we also understand, that not everyone might be fond of our emails. Again, it is our obligation and our pleasure, to look after all of our users and to make sure they all understand the premise and value proposition that comes with Swapit. We are determined to help all to get the most out of Swapit.

If you’re a Swapit user, chances are high you’ll receive an email soon. Keep an eye out for our Tips for Making a Sale email.

You’re not using Swapit yet? Go to http://get.swapit.la and download it today.