Getting Ready for Beta 2 of Swapit – Call for Beta Testers

After we prepared for our beta 1 of swapit and ran it successfully, we looked at the results of that first beta test and are now getting ready for our beta 2 of swapit.

swapit-blog_betaAccording to the plan we have laid out for our beta test phase, we will launch beta 2 once we have added 50 now beta testers to our list of beta testers. If you are based in Hong Kong, have an Android device and are interested to join, please feel free to:

Sign up for beta 2 at
by clicking on “REQUEST INVITE” and follow the instructions.
Seats are limited.

Just let us know your name by tweeting us (@swapitla), through Facebook ( or simply contact us.

Please share our call for beta testers to your peers as well. We’d love to get the right people on board for our next beta.

Feedback from Beta 1

We have listened to great feedback we have received from our great beta testers in our beta 1. Thanks a lot everyone for providing great feedback!

We would like to share some insights of the feedback we have actually received through the survey we ran for our first beta test. To keep it simple we purposely chose a quick survey that can be completed within 2 minutes and consisted of 6 questions. One of such questions was:

In terms of priority, which feature is more important to you?

The result matrix for that question looks like:


To interpret the chart correctly, you need to look for the bar with the lowest number which represents the most important feature our beta testers were looking for. Basically, I asked them to rate each feature by importance (1 = very important, 2, 3, 4 = not needed). Hence, the lower the average score of an answer, the higher the importance of that feature.

Conclusion from this survey question: Everyone wants an actual search function, and that’s what you will get. It won’t be available in beta 2 yet, but soon after.

Another question we asked was:

Once swapit is more matured. Are you likely to recommend it to your friends?

The result chart of that is absolutely clear:


Our beta testers love our swapit app and are either likely or even very likely to recommend it to their friends. This is a very strong indicator that we are on the right track – even though this was our first beta of swapit with many more to come.

Project Management Looking Good for Beta 2

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we are using Asana for project management. We at S4BB Limited are using Asana for several years now because it is free (for small groups) and extremely efficient to use.

The current project schedule for our swapit beta list a couple of beta versions with purposely not all features planned out. We have a general plan in mind, but we are adjusting it as we go depending on our beta tester feedback. So right, we are on track for launching beta 2 soon and our task progress is looking good. Have a look at the overview chart:


There are still some tasks to complete before we can launch beta 2 of swapit, but we are on track and will complete those within a day or two.

More importantly, we need more beta testers for our beta 2 of swapit. Therefore, we ask all of you who are interested to join, to request your invite on our website:

Keep in mind that this is still an invite-only beta. So once you have requested your invite, let us know you have signed up and we will see if we can fit you into this new beta of swapit.

Stay tuned for more updates on swapit. We are excited about our next beta and hope to get great feedback from all of you!