How To Sell Anything

Yes, you can sell anything!

We’ve all been there. We’ve bought too many shoes or phone cases or jackets or jewellery or kids toys or goldfish tanks. Whatever it may be, Swapit is the right place to sell it. Our active community of buyers and sellers is as versatile as it can be. So let’s learn how you can sell your fish tank on Swapit.

1. Post for Sale (or for free)
You can do this in less than 30 seconds.

Open Swapit, click the ➕ button and fill out the listing form. You only need:

  1. At least one photo
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Price
  5. Category

That’s it. Now hit the “POST” button and your items gets published instantaneously.

2. Let Swapit Work for You
The beauty of Swapit’s hyperlocal marketplace is, that we find potential buyers for you, nearby. So as soon as you hit the POST button in step 1, our Swapit marketplace platforms goes on the hunt for buyers of your item. May it be some nice high heels, a bracelet or a fish tank, Swapit is looking for someone nearby who is interested in what you’re selling and it will contact the person right away.

Feature Yourself to Get More Views

Only on Swapit it is possible to feature your own items. If you’re selling your one year old MacBook Pro because you’ve recently upgraded to the latest model, you could spend US$1 on featuring your listing on Swapit. This will significantly increase your listing’s exposure and therefore it boosts the chances to sell it quickly. If it’s the first time you’re featuring an item, please have a look at this blog post: Swapit Update: How To Feature Your First Item for Free.

Privately, secure and save.

When buyers are interested, they usually reach out to you directly. Swapit has chat built-in, which provides a secure and safe place to have a private conversation. Rest assured, all information exchanged there is treated confidentially.

1. Receiving an Offer
Potential buyers might send you an offer of an item you’re selling. You can either accept or decline that offer. It is in your sole discretion to sell to that buyer or not.

2. Chat Cross-Language
As a seller you do not have to speak the buyer’s language. Swapit has built-in translation of chat messages, which allow buyers and sellers to communicate across different languages.

While we use latest natural language processing and translation technology, our translations will not be perfect. However, they allow each party to get the gist of the conversation and to safely transact and close this sale.

3. No Fees
Swapit does not charge a fee or commission if you complete your transaction by cash. So if buyer and seller meet up to close a sale, it’s a free-of-charge service provided by Swapit to both parties.

Try it yourself: Post your stuff for sale now

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How To Get Your Bargain

It’s as easy as cake!

When you open up Swapit, you can either jump right into one of the categories or you can view only all free items or you can simply search for something you might be looking for. It’s quick and easy.

1_img_browse_and_buy_en1. Search
Click the magnifying glass 🔍 and enter your search term, for example “iPhone 7”. Hit search and your results show up.

2. Jump into a Category
Say you’re looking for “Fashion”. There is something we call quick select that you can choose to only view “Fashion” listings nearby. Hit that and you’ll get to see the best deals in your area.

3. Latest Postings in Your City
Swapit is a hyperlocal marketplace, which means you’ll always get to see relevant listings that are nearby. Hit the “Latest” quick select to get a list of all listings that were posted in your city. The most recent one is at the top.

Discover More Ways to Shop

Swapit has been built to be intuitive. So using it feels natural and you’ll discover many new things while you’re browsing our huge catalog of listings. Should there be no listing in your vicinity yet, just list something from your home. You’ll be the first one in your area. So you get the prime spot!

Privately, secure and save.

Getting the bargain you just found through browsing Swapit, is even easier. There are multiple ways to get them. Please have a look below.

3_img_chat_to_trade_en1. Make an Offer
If you’ve found an item you’d like to buy, say some nice shoes 👠👟👞, simply open that item and verify that all information in there is to your satisfaction. Now hit the “Make an Offer” button and you can enter the price you are willing to pay for it.

2. Chat to Buy
If you’re not sure about the price yet, but you’d still like to get the shoes, you can click “Chat to Buy” and start a private conversation with the seller. For example, if you need clarification on the quality or the condition of use.

Rest assured, all conversations between buyers and sellers are confidential and you can safely talk about all issues concerning the products of your interest.

Trade nearby with confidence and possibly your neighbors.

Most buyers and sellers on Swapit actually meet up and do their trade in-person. That allows the buyer to inspect the item before paying the seller. Yet, we are working tirelessly to bring new ways of trading to you – in a safe and trusted environment. Swap on and stay tuned for more ways to trade.

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Swapit Update: Performance & Stability Improvements

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit on iPhone and Android. It’s now ready for you to download.

Get Your Swapit Update:


Recently, we’ve been working on several bigger changes on our Swapit marketplace platform. It is great that the potential Swapit has, shows in the fact that we are mentioned with other leading e-commerce startups in Hong Kong and that our communities on other social media like Facebook are growing rapidly. Motivated by such great feedback, we are working tirelessly to improve our app by publishing update after update, and making improvements every step of the time.

This current update comes mainly with cosmetic changes as well as performance and stability improvements. An increased number of Swapit users means also an increased challenge in making sure our product works on all supported devices (phones and tablets) out there. We are monitoring closely the performance of Swapit we take swift action should there be any issues on any devices out there.

Current Release Versions:

  • Android:
  • iOS: 1.6.6

Note: We will soon make this latest release on both platforms mandatory for everyone.

Sharing to Facebook Messenger (new on iOS)

On iPhones it is now possible to easily share to Facebook Messenger with just one click of a button. At each item listing you can now see a Facebook Messenger icon, which allows you to click & share that item in the easiest way possible.


REMINDER: How to Feature Your First Item for Free

It’s really simple to get your first item to be featured for free. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Post an item for sale.
  2. View the item (either right after posting, or right from your user profile).
  3. Hit the “FEATURE” button at the bottom.
  4. Open the “Coupon Code” bar.
  5. Enter “FIRSTFEATURE” coupon code into the field and hit “APPLY”.
  6. Click the “Feature Your Listing — FREE”.
  7. Done! Congratulations! Your item is now featured!

Here are these steps in screen shots, so you know exactly what I am referring to:

It’s really that easy. Everyone can use the FIRSTFEATURE coupon code once to feature one of their items.

Stay tuned for future updates. At our blog, you’re absolutely at the right place. Feel free to sign up by email to stay on top of the game.

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Swapit Update: How To Feature Your First Item for Free

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit again and this time with a great new feature that allows you to enter a coupon code to feature your own stuff for free!

Get Your Swapit Update Today:


At our last update we introduced a special “Featured” listing on Swapit. To get featured in that list, we charge a small fee of HK$8 / US$1. However, with the latest Swapit update that just went online on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, you can now also enter a coupon code to feature your listing for free. Everyone who wants to give it a try, can use the following coupon code: Continue reading

Swapit Update: Feature Your Items

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit again and this time with a great new feature that gives you the power to feature any of your items all by yourself!

Get Your Swapit Update Today:


After our last update with the brand new home of Swapit, we’ve now added a feature many of you have been asking us about: You can now feature your own items inside Swapit.



Getting featured on Swapit is really easy. You can simply open any of the items you’ve posted and click the FEATURE button at the bottom of that screen. Follow the instructions and your item will be featured. At a rock bottom price of $1 per feature, your item will remain featured for a full week on the home screen of Swapit.

Here is how that looks like on the new Swapit home screen:

Large Profile Pictures

Again, due to our users’ great feedback, we’ve now made it possible to view the profile pictures of sellers in big format. That makes it easy for people who want to meet up, to know what the meeting partner looks like before they are at the spot.

Stay tuned for future updates. At our blog, you’re absolutely at the right place. Feel free to sign up by email to stay on top of the game.

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Swapit Update: A New Home

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit again and this time with a big new revamp of Swapit’s home screen!

Get Your Swapit Update Today:

Note: The crash that occurred on startup of Swapit on iOS in the last release has been resolved. Please get the latest version.

After several smaller changes in previous versions, Swapit’s latest update was a rather significant one. At least in terms of user interface and navigational entry points. We’ve been conducting extensive tests with our users, competition analysis and constantly collect feedback on the usage of Swapit. As a result, we believe this current change brings a lot of benefits to all users of Swapit.


New Home Screen

The new Swapit home screen has been carefully designed to offer easy to understand entry points to our Swapit marketplace. A few months back, we did introduce Quick Select to Swapit’s navigation. Now, we’ve basically blown up our Quick Select choices with beautiful pictures and a clear name, and we have extended them to cover more topics of interest.

As a result, it is now much easier to quickly jump right into a category that might of interest to the buyer who is browsing Swapit. It’s a quicker way to get to the product you’re really interested in.

1_img_browse_and_buy_enPreventing Subconscious Compartmentalization

While that’s a mouth full, it clearly boils it down to the point. We’ve always been strong believers in the fact that people should be able to browse our catalog of 220,000+ listings (that grow by the minute!) as quickly and as easily as possible. That was the main reason, why right after starting the Swapit app, you previously saw a list of items posted nearby your current location. While the beauty of that was, Swapit’s content looked different for every user’s app launch. It was customized to that current location.

Compartmentalization. The problem with the above described situation, was that first-time users saw whatever items were being offered nearby right from the onset. If a nearby seller was specializing women’s fashion, then everyone in that vicinity would see women’s fashion when they first opened the app. The human’s nature of compartmentalizing first-time impressions kicked in, and for those folks Swapit was right away an app just for women’s fashion. If that user was a gadget fan, he would then most likely close the app and never open it again, because he is not interested in women’s fashion. Yet, Swapit has some really great gadgets listed on its marketplace.

8_img_get_stuff_for_freeTo prevent such kind of compartmentalization that happens when first opening Swapit, we’ve now got our beautiful list Quick Select images that show right away the vast diversity of items and product categories that are available on Swapit.

Several other small improvements and bug fixes did also make their way into this release. It’s needless to say, that they improve stability and performance. We’ve also strengthened our fight against spam and scam attempts. That is running in full steam and we’ve already suspended several accounts, ensuring Swapit is a secure and trusted marketplace to conduct safe trade.

Stay tuned for future updates. At our blog, you’re absolutely at the right place. Feel free to sign up by email to stay on top of the game.

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Preventing Scams

10011701674_af46cbf86e_bWith growing popularity of Swapit, more people are joining every day. Besides many great and enthusiastic folks, there will always be that small percentage of people who just come to your platform trying to scam other users. Every platform with a large enough user base has this issue. Swapit is no exception to this.

Over the past weeks we’ve seen an increase of users joining Swapit, who then approach as many sellers as possible for the sole purpose of driving the conversation with them out of Swapit into their personal email accounts. They do this not for the purpose of closing a sale, but much rather to scam the sellers and get access to their private information. That is something that’s annoying to all users who have been contact and it also damages Swapit as a trusted marketplace.


2 Columns

To solve this issue, we now do not allow to compose comments or chat messages that contain email addresses. Previously any sort of web link, email address, phone number may be clickable directly inside the app. We believe in convenience and making our user’s lives as easy as possible. However, in this particular case, allowing such email addresses to be sent and then being clickable, created an opportunity for scammers who started reaching out to Swapit users. To protect the Swapit user base we have now deactivated this functionality for email addresses.

While generally, we’d be fine with buyers and sellers choosing their preferred medium of communication, we do encourage all buyers and sellers on Swapit to keep their conversation exclusively on Swapit. That provides various advantages:

  1. All conversation is in one place
  2. A conversation about a particular item can be easily found
  3. All conversation is traceable in case of any dispute

As a result, Swapit is now even more secure than it was ever before. It’s the trusted marketplace where sellers can easily sell their items to buyers nearby – may it be second hand or new items. Swapit brings them together.

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Swapit Update: Faster Post Creation, Faster Sale

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit with several changes, performance improvements and a rather neat change that makes it more efficient and faster to post an item for sale or give it away.

Get Your Swapit Update Today:

Besides all those small changes and something really big we are preparing to launch soon, we’ve just added a small change that makes everyone’s life easier when it is about selling.

beta_1.15.0_post-item-select-image_1_croppedWhen you now press the “+” button in the main Swapit screen, you can easily select either “Take a photo” or “Choose from gallery”.

Swapit already had one of the fastest ways to post an item for sale, but now we’ve increased that by such a simple change. I particularly like the small subtle animation you get when clicking the “+” button.

At the moment, only the Swapit Android is up-to-date on the store. Swapit for iOS will hopefully be approved soon.

Stay tuned for future updates. At our blog, you’re absolutely at the right place. Feel free to sign up by email to stay on top of the game.

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Time Spent by Users in Swapit is up 80%

About a month ago I wrote about the Time Spent by Users in Swapit is up 91%. Now a little over 4 weeks later, that metric seems to be going up constantly. Have a look:


It’s great to see our Swapit users spending more time in our Swapit. That’s probably due to some of our recently added features, like following or the change in our web teaser sites where you can even browse most recent Swapit items with your web or mobile browser. Though, the web browsing not even count into the statistic shown above, which is for in-app behavior only.

swapit_marketing-chart-growWe are still focusing on making Swapit the most efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers, it is great to see that our Swapit users do more and more enjoy browsing it and spending time inside Swapit.

Have you tried Swapit yet? It’s free. Give it a try: