It’s Beach Time – Go to South Bay Beach this Weekend!

It’s summer in Hong Kong and many flock to the beaches! It’s fun, it’s outdoors and it’s meeting with friends, friends of friends for common purpose. That’s also – kind of – what Swapit is all about. So we thought, it might be a great place advertise Swapit to the many beach folks out there.

So we partnered with locals on some beaches across Hong Kong to provide some great Swapit Beach Umbrellas to the beach goers there. One of our best pilot beaches is South Bay Beach and it’s running on full steam now!

As you can see, we’ve managed to cover quite a nice area with our distinctly green beach umbrellas. We’ve deployed a nice number of umbrellas there and if you’d go to South Bay Beach this weekend, I am sure you can use one too.

Go to South Bay Beach

Just in case you’d like to go to South Bay Beach, make sure to check out the South Bay Beach Playground – at the rooftop.  It’s a great place with fresh drinks and some nice snacks. As it’s at the roof you’ll also get a nice elevated overview over the beach with all its green beach umbrellas!

Here is South Bay Beach on Google Maps.

Design That Stands Out

The great thing about our beach umbrellas are their obvious presence. We purposely went for a full-on green design with just a few Swapit logo design elements. Firstly, not many designs use green in general. Secondly, most beach umbrellas are rainbow-colored and generally very colorful. So having a simple single-color design, makes you stand out from the crowd. Not that we would need that on South Bay Beach, though.

Swapit loves Facebook

Because of our stand-out design, Swapit is now very present on photos posted on Facebook. People like to take photos at places where they have fun and therefore, a lot of beach photos end up on Facebook showing Swapit in the background, foreground and generally present there. Have a look a selection from South Bay Beach:

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From a social aspect, we’re getting a lot of coverage on Facebook now – sometimes even combined with some eye candy. That’s something some companies would spend a lot of marketing dollar on. All we did was getting some great umbrellas done.

So it’s been a great success thus far and we’re sure our investment will pay off over the whole summer time. We’re happy to see that we can help people get some cover from the sun and at the same time get a bit of our message across.

We’re rolling out more umbrellas to more beaches. Stay tuned for more on that!

P.S.: Actually, we’ve already deployed our beach umbrellas at some other beaches in Hong Kong. Though, it probably doesn’t look as impressive there yet. If you discover one, send us a photo! We’d love to share it.