Coping with a Constantly Increasing Flow of Pre-Loved Items

Every day swapit receives many new items being posted all over Hong Kong. Here is a quick map that shows how these new item posts distribute across the main populated areas of Hong Kong:


In simple numbers, swapit’s growth is now:

  • 0.7% new users per day (22.7% new users per month)
  • 3.5% new item posts per day (107% new item posts per month)

It is great to see that swapit is expanding its catalog of products and user base constantly. We had been actively reaching out our target audience over the past couple of months, but we have stopped doing that about two weeks ago. We wanted to see how our organic growth rates are performing without any additional effort through our outreach efforts. That seems to prove at least some stickiness and value of swapit with our existing user base who is passing information about swapit via word-of-mouth.

To cope with the ever constant increase in users, content and activity on our platform, we don’t actually have to do much additional work. In my previous blog post “Choosing a platform for swapit.” I explained how we considered different platforms and finally went to go ahead with the Google Cloud Platform in terms of backend. This now allows us to focus on the important (business) parts of swapit and not being stuck with technology challenges that many of our competitors are facing.

Swapit has built with hundreds of thousands of users in mind and on an extremely scalable platform that automatically adapts itself to a larger number of users and content.

Stay tuned for the next swapit beta 7 coming your way. We’re moving forward, step by step … sometimes with a jump in between!

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