$100 Million on Swapit ↗️ 333% in a month


Just a little over a month ago Swapit’s GMV posted on our marketplace had surpassed $30 million, but now we just surpassed the $100 million. That’s an incredible growth if you consider that it took us 11 months to move from $1M to $30M of GMV posted on Swapit.

That’s up +333% over just the last month.

We’ve launched an app update in between, which made it easier to post items through our app, to promote it to your friends on social media and to discover new items (see Swapit Alerts and Make an Offer). At the same time, we’re adding more value for our users, which we prioritize mainly based on feedback we receive through surveys and direct conversations. It’s great so many reach out to me directly and that feedback makes it directly onto our feature list for upcoming releases.

So stay tuned for the next Swapit release. It’s just around the corner and will be launched soon!

Right, we’ve also given away a great prize to the winner of our INVITE+WIN campaign, we got accepted into the Cyberport Incubation Programme, .

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$30 Million on Swapit ↗️ 30,000%


Over the last weekend, Swapit’s GMV posted on our marketplace has surpassed $30 million. That’s an incredible growth if you consider that only 11 months ago we surpassed the $1M mark of GMV posted on Swapit.

That’s a total increase of +30,000% over the last 11 months.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen a very good number of new items being posted on Swapit due to our SELL+WIN promotion and perhaps the funny videos we published.

We are currently working hard on getting the next Swapit update to you. It will be Android beta 13 and iPhone beta 4. It will launch with a great new unique feature that utilizes our efficient buyer/seller matching based on our proprietary spacial algorithms, combined with instant push notifications. In the end, buyers will get a new way to customize their experience and sellers will be able to close deals faster. Stay tuned for the next update coming your way very soon!

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1,000 Traders – Swapit Just Went 4 Digits

Last week we reported a very lucky number – according to Chinese customary belief – of 888 users on swapit. Only 5 days later we have surpassed our next milestone of going 4 digits:

1,000 traders are now on swapit!


That’s a staggering increase of 11.2% over the last 5 days. If the absolute growth in numbers of traders would continue at a linear rate, we would be growing at an avery 70% month-by-month. However, our growth has been exponentially over the past months, and we are currently working on the next release of swapit which will foster that even more. So stay tuned and make sure you have swapit running on your phone. You might find just the right item for you.

swapit_marketing-chart-growOther current stats are:

  • Current users: 1,002
  • Items posted: 628
  • Value posted: $482,002
  • Chat messages processed: 3,153
  • Public comments posted: 1,086

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Swapit Milestones Achieved in 2015 – so far

After several months of working on swapit, growing in users rapidly, adding new features, attending pitch events & conference and winning awards, we figured it makes sense to illustrate our achievement so far in a nice “milestones timeline”. So here it is, have fun exploring:


Stay tuned for more exciting milestones coming up for swapit!

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