25 Tips to Sell Your Second Hand Stuff Online

swapit_marketing-dollarSelling your second hand things online is a great way to recover money you have previously spent on those items. At the same time, you also contribute to the environment by actively encouraging people to buy used items instead of purchasing new ones from the store.

There are a variety of websites online as well as places offline, where you can list your stuff for sale. One of the more popular such places is our Swapit Marketplace App. However, generally the rules are all the same and the real trick to finally make your sale, comes from a combination of different techniques you can use to:

  1. Present your product best
  2. Communicate its core purpose
  3. Show the price/value of that product

We’ve put together the probably most comprehensive list of 25 tips that help you close your sale quickly. Some of such tips are geared a bit toward our Swapit Marketplace, but most of them are generally applicable to any marketplace or classified out there. So let’s take a look at the full list of our 25 Tips to Make a Sale:

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