Swapit Updated: Edit Posts at Any Time

Swapit just got updated again! This entire release is based on customer feedback!

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Many of you have reached out to us and asked us to remove the 15 minute limit for editing items you’ve posted on Swapit. So we listened and this is now possible for everyone!


edit-postEverything we do has a reason. Personally, I have been a very active trader on eBay in the early days of eBay. It is obvious that eBay has a hard time competing much more innovative mobile marketplaces – like Swapit, but eBay also has some processes worked out very well already. They’ve been customer-proven over many years.

In order protect both sides of our marketplace equation, we want to protect the buyers and sellers alike. One of such protection measures was to limit the editing of posted items. For the case of publishing items with typos, it was necessary to allow editing item posts. Yet, we wanted to make sure that sellers do not abuse such editing functions.

We have now come to the realization that such limit was more of a hinderance than a benefit. Quite a number of sellers was annoyed by not being able to edit their item once they discovered a typo. Often that happened long after the first 15 minutes had passed.

So for now, we have opened up the editing of item posts for everyone at any time.

In fact, the 15 minute edit limitation did not count for our Swapit Premium subscribers already.


post-item_premium-categoriesThis recent change has obviously removed the edit benefit for our Premium customers. In order to compensate for such loss in benefit, Premium customers can now post item descriptions that are twice as long.

FREE ACCOUNT: 280 character item description
PREMIUM ACCOUNT: 560 character item description

We believe this new benefit in Swapit Premium is very attractive to our Premium customers and at the same time they still remain to be able to edit their posts at any time.

What do you think? Was that the right way to go?

We’d love to hear your feedback, because – as you can see – it has a direct impact on our decisions in terms of product changes.

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