Swapit Introduces: Swapit Referral – Give Swapit Premium & Get Swapit Premium

referral_yellow_starWe just updated Swapit and you can now get Swapit Premium for free if you invite one of your friends to join Swapit too.

You can get the latest Swapit app from Google Play and the App Store, or by simply clicking here: http://get.swapit.la/now


It’s easy, quick and you can share your invite anywhere. WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, Email, text SMS, you name it. Both you and your friend will receive a Swapit Premium Day Pass.


In detail it works like this: As soon as one of your friends joins Swapit, a popup dialog appears and tells him or her that the Swapit Premium Day pass has been earned and is active now. At the very same moment, you will receive an instant notification about your friend joining and a new Swapit Premium Day Pass was added to the “Rewards” tab in the “Free Swapit Premium” section on Swapit.

Swapit Referral works across Android and iPhone.

So if you’re an Android user and invite a friend with an iPhone, you will receive your free Swapit Premium Day Pass as well as if you’d be inviting another Android user, or if you’d be an iPhone user and invite another iPhone or another Android user.


It’s very easy to give someone a free Swapit Premium. Just open up your menu and select “Free Swapit Premium”. Then you’ll see your unique invite code which you can share with your friends or you can click one of the invite methods below, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger shown on these screen shots:

Once you’ve sent out your invite to your friend, just wait and let magic happen. You can also invite another friend in the meantime and you’ll end up with two Swapit Premium Day Passes if both join Swapit!


We are constantly working on making the Swapit marketplace more and more liquid. That’s absolutely essential for sustainable growth and for providing our users a place where it is guaranteed for them to sell their items in a short period of time … preferably to their neighbors. Swapit Referral has the following benefits:

  1. Our sellers will get access to Swapit Premium without having to pay for it. It will increase the visibility of their postings and allow them to sell items much faster.
  2. As a result, we will be getting more items posted on Swapit and the market becomes more and more liquid.
  3. New users will be invited, the word about Swapit will spread even faster, because people want to give Swapit Premium a try and invite their friends.
  4. Existing users who are predominantly buyers right now, will be incentivized to post items for sale on Swapit, once they earn a Swapit Premium Day Pass.
  5. New users who receive their free Swapit Premium Day Pass on signing, will be more motivated to post items for sale as quickly as possible. Their Day Pass starts running for 24 hours from the moment they’ve installed the app and created an account. So within those 24 hours, they are more motivated to post as many items as possible for sale – so they can take full advantage of the Swapit Premium Day Pass.

So generally, we believe this will increase Swapit’s adoption across the board.

Let’s see how it goes. We will blog about the results and effectiveness here. So stay tuned for upcoming blog posts!

Have you tried Swapit yet? Get it for free at http://get.swapit.la


1 Day Left to Win a Mobile Studio

Hey Swapit users, you only have 1 day left to join our INVITE+WIN promotion and stand a chance to win one of three awesome Swapit Mobile Studios. They are absolutely unique Mobile Studio Swapit Editions, which let you take the perfect shot for the stuff you’re selling on Swapit.


It’s simple, just open Swapit and follow the instruction in there. If you don’t have Swapit yet, just download it from http://get.swapit.la — no worries, it’s free.

Want to know all the details about the Swapit INVITE+WIN promotion? Go to: Invite+Win a Mobile Studio from Swapit

3 Days Left to Win a Mobile Studio

Hey Swapit users, you only have 3 days left to join our INVITE+WIN promotion and stand a chance to win one of three awesome Swapit Mobile Studios. They are absolutely unique Mobile Studio Swapit Editions, which let you take the perfect shot for the stuff you’re selling on Swapit.


It’s simple, just open Swapit and follow the instruction in there. If you don’t have Swapit yet, just download it from http://get.swapit.la — no worries, it’s free.

Want to know all the details about the Swapit INVITE+WIN promotion? Go to: Invite+Win a Mobile Studio from Swapit

Getting Ready for Swapit iOS BETA – Get Yourself on the List Today!

swapit-blog_appleIt is kind of like an open secret, but we are working on the iPhone / iPad app of Swapit. Of course, we are building a native app to ensure a superior user experience. Some of our competitors put out a “web app”, with which I mean it’s an HTML5-based app that looks like a native iOS app. We just believe a real quality app needs to have a very native feel. It must be snappy, it must be beautiful and it must be very resource efficient. All such things are rather hard to achieve with a “web app”, but to us quality is paramount and therefore, we’re going the long way.

swapit-blog_testflightAs soon as our Swapit iOS app is ready to be tested, we will launch a private beta test through Apple’s TestFlight Beta Testing. It’s a great way and actually the official way to get a beta to your iPhone or iPad. To be on the list for our iOS beta test, please enter your information at the following form:

Request Access to SWAPIT iOS BETA:


Seats are limited (by Apple, btw). So be quick to join.

Your privacy is important to us!
We only ask for your name and email address. That’s required by Apple TestFlight so we can send you a join email once our iOS beta test is ready for you to join.


Win a OnePlus X Android Phone with Swapit

We just launched a give away called “INVITE+WIN” where we are giving away a brand new OnePlus X phone. All you need to do is:

  1. Download the Swapit App: http://get.swapit.la
  2. Open the Swapit App
  3. Invite 10 friends inside the app

That’s it. Isn’t that easy?


The OnePlus X is the latest phone of the great folks at OnePlus. Here are some key specs of the phone you can win:

  • Model: OnePlus X
  • Color: Onyx Black
  • CPU: 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB, expandable to 128 GB
  • Camera: 13 MP back, 8 MP front
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM 4G/LTE, WiFi
  • Display: 5″ 1080p, 441 PPI, OLED, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • OS: OxygenOS based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

All details about the OnePlus X can be found at: https://oneplus.net/hk/x


This promotion runs until November 30th, 2015. Right after that, we will announce all participants and their individual chances to win. (Hint: it’s possible to increase your chances to win. You’ll see how that works inside Swapit.)

We will then randomly select the winner of the OnePlus X and contact him or her by email. If that winner does not get back to us within 24 hours, we will re-draw the winner and contact that person as well. That process will be repeated until we hear back from a winner within those 24 hours.

So the whole process is pretty straight forward and we are as transparent as possible about it. Please feel free to ask, should you have any question.

You want Swapit now? Download Swapit from http://get.swapit.la and follow the instructions above.

Notice to iPhone/iPad and other non-Android users: Swapit is currently only available for Android. Thus, only Android users can participate in this Give Away. If you don’t have an Android phone or tablet, ask your friend who has one, to join this Give Away.


To tease you a bit, here some photos of the OnePlus X which just arrived at the Swapit HQ and is ready to be handed out to the winner soon!

These photos were taken with a BlackBerry Passport.


Read more about this promotion:

  1. Win a OnePlus X Android Phone with Swapit (incl. phone specs)
  2. OnePlus X Give Away Update
  3. OnePlus X Give Away – 3 Days Left
  4. OnePlus X Give Away – 24 Hours Left

Swapit beta 10 – Launched

swapit-blog_beta-10We just launched beta 10 of Swapit on Google Play. Over the past weeks, we have been working hard on getting beta 10 out the door before the end of October. Though, it’s November already, we finally made it! You can download it today at!

Swapit Free Download: http://get.swapit.la

User Experience Improvements

swapit_screenshots_1.0.0.43-1_share-statusRemember? In beta 9 of Swapit we introduced Facebook group sharing, which we quickly expanded to reach up to 221,000+ members of Facebook groups. In beta 10 we paid a lot of attention to improve the user experience you have there. It is now easier and more straight forward to share your posts to a multitude of Facebook groups with just a few clicks. At the same time, Swapit provides more insight to what exactly happens there and how many people you are actually sharing your item to.

Like always, the user interface is beautifully crafted, using Android’s latest Material Design principles. So Swapit comes with the native look and feel all Android users expect.

Premium Services & Monetization – BETA

swapit_screenshots_1.0.0.43-1_premium-featuresIn beta 10 we introduce two premium features to Swapit. Those two premium features are similar in nature and are aimed at helping sellers to sell their items faster.

On the right, you can see an example how easy it is to enable such a premium feature for an item you’re posting. With just a flick of a button, the seller can turn on

  • List Highlight and/or
  • List Feature

We made it dead simple for everyone to promote their item in our list. At the same time, we pay very much attention to maintain and excel on the user experience we provide for buyers in Swapit. While it is essential to allow sellers on our platform to promote their items, it is also essential to not distract buyers from their original motivation of why they opened the Swapit app in the first place. So we believe, offering a slight highlight of an item in our main item list, is not distracting from the core purpose of our list. In fact, it helps identifying interesting items.

FREE. As shown in the screen shot, those two initial premium features are available for free as long as Swapit is in beta. As there is no such thing as a free meal 🙂 we do require the seller to invite at least one friend to Swapit if (s)he wants to use a premium feature.

These premium features go on top of the existing offering and therefore, are an addition to the existing basic service of Swapit. Rest assured, none of the existing features are being limited by introducing these premium features.

From a business perspective, this serves several purposes:

(1) Set Expectations. We’re dropping an anchor (see anchoring) for monetization by showing the future pricing of those premium features. While using such features is free right now, it is very clear that eventually, we will charge for them.

(2) Grow Faster. By requiring sellers to invite their friends in order to use such premium features in beta, we are increasing our viral coefficient. That means we will end up with more users inviting their friends and therefore, growing our user base on an accelerated pace.

(3) Plan Ahead. We can statistically analyze how many users are using our premium features in general. That helps us a lot in terms of business planning and monetization direction, to more accurately estimate our revenue projections.

(4) Know Whats Wanted. We can furthermore, analyze which kinds of premium features sellers are more interested in. Especially in this case, where both premium features are rather similar, it will be interesting to see which one is more preferred by sellers.

(5) Effectiveness. At the same time, we can track how effective either the list highlight or the list feature is. In very simple terms, we can compare how many people click on a normal (non-highlight / non-feature) item, how many click on a feature or highlight item. Such data helps to make decisions based on hard metrics on whether to keep those features in Swapit, remove them, revise them and how much to charge for them in the end.

So all in all, this current move to introduce a very small selection of premium services in beta, has a lot of advantages. Therefore, we are excited to find out how our sellers and buyers react. I will tell more about our findings right here on our blog. So make sure you’re subscribed.

User Experience Improvements

The current Swapit beta 10 also comes with several user experience and interface improvements that aim at making everyone’s life easier. For example, we’ve added each item’s condition and category as a small icon to the item list. That makes it easier to identify whether it’s an item you’re interested in or not.

Furthermore, we have received a lot of feedback from our users (thanks a lot to all of you!) and we are constantly applying that feedback into changes we make on Swapit. One of such points was, that new users who want to just quickly post something for sale, didn’t find the “Sell” button. We did initially think it would be pretty obvious as it’s the only big green button on the main list. It’s even round as opposed to most other things on the list that are rectangular shaped. However, especially folks coming from iPhone, had some trouble finding our little green “Sell” button. So we’ve now added a nice tooltip to that with some description to make it super obvious to everyone. Once that “Sell” button has been clicked for the first time, that tooltip will disappear.

We’ve also made the “Sell” button automatically float out of the main list screen when scrolling down. This gives the user an absolutely unobstructed view of the whole list while browsing. As soon as the user scrolls up, the “Sell” button floats back into the list and you can start offering an item with just a click on that button.

That’s it for now. We all hope you’ll enjoy our new Swapit beta 10.

If you don’t have Swapit yet, you might want to give it a try. Especially our new premium features are interesting and can be used for free – while in beta. So just head over to http://get.swapit.la and download the app. It’s free.

P.S.: Please let us know what you think. We love feedback!