Welcome to the swapit team: Kevin

IMG_20150430_152641_editThe swapit team welcomes our newest team member Kevin!

Kevin is currently graduating from Hong Kong University and has approached us at the CoCoon Pitch Final event 2 weeks ago. His immediate thought when seeing swapit was that it is perfect students. Especially for international students like himself, who move in and out of their student halls / apartments nearby campus. Such waves of student migration seem to happen twice a year around the end of the old and start of the new semester. So swapit is an obvious and very useful tool students could take advantage of when moving out their place and wanting to get rid of their stuff. At the same time, students who are just moving in, are the perfect buyers of those pre-loved items the older students want to sell off. While they all don’t know each other yet and at the same time they are mostly in very close locations (think student halls and dormitories), swapit can be the perfect discovery tool for them.

So yes, Kevin convinced me there is a valid target audience in these halls and I absolutely agree to his arguments. As a result, Kevin will reach out to all universities in Hong Kong (there are a lot actually) to offer swapit to their students, helping them to trade their pre-loved items.