Swapit Pitches To Get the CCMF Funding Scheme by Cyberport Hong Kong

swapit-blog_cyberportThe swapit team did submit its application to the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) – Batch 2015.

It seems our application has been attractive enough to pass us through the initial screening process and allow us to present to the CCMF vetting committee. The CCMF program is structured as 6-month project and for that period. So, we applied with a clear roadmap for the next 6 months – focusing on how we bring swapit out of beta, into full production mode and how we are planning to capture the market for trading pre-loved items in Hong Kong.


That pitching session is not public. Otherwise, I would have invited all of you. Please do feel free to wish us luck, though!

If you haven’t used swapit yet, you can download it at http://swapit.la