Swapit Christmas Edition

swapit-blog_xmasThe festive season is near. Many shopping malls and public places are decorated already. They prepare us all for what’s coming. It’s also a great reminder that we should get our presents early, so we don’t need to rush into the store on December 24th and get some random gift. Like I usually do…

As of today, Swapit has joined the festive pre-season and comes with some subtle visual enhancements. Here are some screen shots of our customization to Swapit:

swapit_icon_xmas_512APP ICON

While it’s not snowing in Hong Kong, everyone associates the holiday time with a winter wonderland. So yes, it is snowing for Swapit and it’s app icon is covered by a bit of snow.

It also sports some traditional Christmas leafs which add a nice red touch to it.

At the same time, the app icon is still completely distinguishable from other apps. It is very important to maintain our design language and make sure our users still recognize the Swapit app icon immediately.

swapit_screenshots_1.0.0.51_xmas-themed_3POST AN ITEM 

About two app releases ago, we added some tooltips to make it easier for new users to find the button to post new items. This gave us the perfect screen real-estate to play with, and to customize it to the holiday season.

While we usually blend everything in different shades of green, the “Sell Item” button now pops out in a beautiful, simple and festive red. No worries, after the holidays, it will morph back into our fancy green. For the time being, though, this resembles the main entry point to sell or give away your items on Swapit and now it stands out from the crowd.

swapit_screenshots_1.0.0.51_xmas-themed_2SPLASH SCREEN FUN

We’ve also polished our splash screen quite a bit. After all, it’s gonna be festive and gift season very soon and Swapit will remind you of it.

Besides the known changes of the app icon, the splash screen visually also sports some great Christmas ornaments, chimney socks and a set of gift boxes.

From an audio perspective, we’ve also added a short and not distracting chime to the splash screen. So when you fire up Swapit, you’ll hear a nice chime, which puts you right into Christmas mode. I won’t be sharing that sound here, you really got to get Swapit and experience it yourself.

There are also several other subtle customizations in Swapit which I didn’t mention here. If you find them, you can tell via beta@swapit.la and we’ll give a small present.

Download Swapit from: http://get.swapit.la