Company Showdown: letgo vs. Swapit vs. Saily vs. OfferUp (by Owler)

It appears earlier this year in January, the online service Owler has created a comparison chart, which compared four companies in the peer-to-peer marketplace field with each other. One of them was Swapit!


It came mainly from the angle of comparing the US/Barcelona-based, South-African-backed company letgo with the rest of the world. Given that letgo has now raised over US$200M in funding (and acquired its competitor Wallapop), and OfferUp has also raised hundreds of millions; it is an honor to be named along with them at the same time.

The “Company Showdown” was created by Owler, which describes itself as:

The free, must-have platform for outsmarting your competition

Funny enough, they have some kind of CEO-ranking, in which for some reason, I seem to score rather high. Yet, I believe everyone on the chart is doing a great job and some folks have a lot more experience than me and would definitely deserve a higher score.


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If you’re interested, you can check out the full overview on LinkedIn SlideShare: letgo, Swapit, Saily, OfferUp | Company Showdown

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Swapit Competitor “letgo” Raises $100M in Series A – First Founding Round

One of our competitors in the USA called “letgo” just raised USD $100M “To Take Over Classifieds In The U.S.” according to TechCrunch. We have of course seen, tried and been monitoring letgo’s progress over the past months. As for our regional competitors in Asia, I also feel about letgo, that is merely a “beautified Craigslist” on your phone. However, they must be having some Unique Value Proposition that convinced their investors to throw a very large amount of money at them.

The most interesting point though, is that we found these news through Owler which posted: letgo raised 100M funding in Series A from Naspers. Interestingly, swapit is mentioned as the #2 competitor to letgo. That is an honor to us and it absolutely validates our approach and vision for the second hand market. While we are focusing on Hong Kong and Asia regionally, as opposed to the USA like letgo.

We don’t ask for $100M (which would be great too, by the way). So for investors swapit could be a bargain right now. Check out our recent blog post: Seed Round Fund Raising has Started for SWAPIT Hong Kong