Swapit Gives Away HK$6 Million in Red Packets for Chinese New Year

We’ve just launched our Chinese New Year Red Pack Give Away which runs from now, over the holidays, until February 15th, 2016. We are giving everyone who posts an item on Swapit a HK$50 RED PACKET  (up to 6 times, i.e. max. HK$300 per person). You can go shopping for consumer electronics and fashion products at our partner Street Value Asia.


It’s easy and straight forward to participate and GET YOUR RED PACKET.

  1. Post an item on Swapit. (you can do that here: http://app.swapit.la/post)
  2. We’ll send you your red packet 利是 by email.
  3. Go to www.streetvalue.asia and use the red packet shopping code from your email.

You can repeat this up to 6 times to earn a total of 6 red packets, which accumulates to HK$300 in total for each person!

Note: The red packet voucher code has no minimum spending limit. So it can be used on any product that’s available on the Street Value shop.

We’re expecting to hand out a total of about HK$6,000,000 to our 20,000 registered traders. We are committed at making you happy! May it be over Chinese New Year or the whole upcoming year of the monkey.

恭喜發財! Gung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!


Happy Lunar New Year!

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar / Chinese New Year!


Please enjoy the time with your family!

The swapit team will be back with a new swapit beta after the new year’s celebration. Stay tuned for beta 3! Meanwhile, make sure to take advantage of your 5 invites and help your friends to get into our invite-only beta of swapit.