How To Sell Anything

Yes, you can sell anything!

We’ve all been there. We’ve bought too many shoes or phone cases or jackets or jewellery or kids toys or goldfish tanks. Whatever it may be, Swapit is the right place to sell it. Our active community of buyers and sellers is as versatile as it can be. So let’s learn how you can sell your fish tank on Swapit.

1. Post for Sale (or for free)
You can do this in less than 30 seconds.

Open Swapit, click the ➕ button and fill out the listing form. You only need:

  1. At least one photo
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Price
  5. Category

That’s it. Now hit the “POST” button and your items gets published instantaneously.

2. Let Swapit Work for You
The beauty of Swapit’s hyperlocal marketplace is, that we find potential buyers for you, nearby. So as soon as you hit the POST button in step 1, our Swapit marketplace platforms goes on the hunt for buyers of your item. May it be some nice high heels, a bracelet or a fish tank, Swapit is looking for someone nearby who is interested in what you’re selling and it will contact the person right away.

Feature Yourself to Get More Views

Only on Swapit it is possible to feature your own items. If you’re selling your one year old MacBook Pro because you’ve recently upgraded to the latest model, you could spend US$1 on featuring your listing on Swapit. This will significantly increase your listing’s exposure and therefore it boosts the chances to sell it quickly. If it’s the first time you’re featuring an item, please have a look at this blog post: Swapit Update: How To Feature Your First Item for Free.

Privately, secure and save.

When buyers are interested, they usually reach out to you directly. Swapit has chat built-in, which provides a secure and safe place to have a private conversation. Rest assured, all information exchanged there is treated confidentially.

1. Receiving an Offer
Potential buyers might send you an offer of an item you’re selling. You can either accept or decline that offer. It is in your sole discretion to sell to that buyer or not.

2. Chat Cross-Language
As a seller you do not have to speak the buyer’s language. Swapit has built-in translation of chat messages, which allow buyers and sellers to communicate across different languages.

While we use latest natural language processing and translation technology, our translations will not be perfect. However, they allow each party to get the gist of the conversation and to safely transact and close this sale.

3. No Fees
Swapit does not charge a fee or commission if you complete your transaction by cash. So if buyer and seller meet up to close a sale, it’s a free-of-charge service provided by Swapit to both parties.

Try it yourself: Post your stuff for sale now

If you have any question, please reach out to us via


Have you used Swapit yet? Give it a try now. It’s free:


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