Swapit Update: Top 10 Seller Rankings

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit with a lot of small changes, but one very exciting new feature:

Top 10 Seller Rankings

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Top 10 FTW!

Our new top 10 user ranking is a new way to get discovered as a seller. It is simple, yet very powerful to be able to see individuals in our top 10 rankings. As a buyer, you can now easily find active and trusted sellers, and you’re able to follow them with just one click of a button.

Updated Daily

The top 10 ranking is being updated every day. So it changes every day and allows newcomers to rank in the top 10 list and get the word out about their products.

3 Top 10 Ranks

We’re currently showing 3 different ranks of users in our Top 10 list:

    Sellers with most aggregate number of followers.
    Sellers with most item posts on sale this day.
  3. LIKED
    Sellers with most aggregate likes on all of their sale posts.

So you get an idea of how that ranking looks like, have a look here at the screen shots of the Android version:

Of course, our Android and iOS apps are both at the same state, so you’ll be able to enjoy this new feature as soon as you update Swapit from your favorite app store.

Stay tuned for future updates. At our blog, you’re absolutely at the right place. Feel free to sign up by email to stay on top of the game.

Have you tried Swapit yet? It’s free. You can get it here: http://get.swapit.la/now


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