Swapit Update: Single Column Browsing for Easier Discovery

swapit-blog_downloadWe’ve just updated Swapit with many small changes, but one more significant one:

Single Column Browsing

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What does that mean?

beta_1.14.11.2_list-selector_croppedNow you can browse the Swapit catalog of products as a single column – very much like Instagram. To enable the single column. just tab on the list selector at the top of the screen. It’s straight forward and easy to switch between the standard 2-column list style and the 1-column list style.

In comparison, you’ll be browsing the Swapit catalog of dozens of thousands of items like this:

Guess what? That Leica T Silver camera is a really good deal!

Why did we integrate this?

Again, this a change that’s based on customer feedback. We had a number of loyal Swapit fans who reached out to us and asked for that single column list — mainly because it is “easier on their eye“. Though, I personally don’t really need the single column browsing, I can understand why people might have grown used to this. Besides, it was really not hard to add this feature and the cost-benefit coefficient was very good to adding this now.

Was this all we’ve done since the last update blog post?

No, of course we’ve been working on a lot more 🙂 It’s a bit early to release those features, but they will blow you away. We are integrating new capabilities into Swapit, which no other marketplace has in the world. While our resources are very limited, we make the most efficient use of those and are targeting to launch some incredible new features very soon.

Stay tuned for future updates. At our blog, you’re absolutely at the right place. Feel free to sign up by email to stay on top of the game.

Have you tried Swapit yet? It’s free. You can get it here: http://get.swapit.la/now


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