Time Spent by Users in Swapit is up 91%

We’ve been working hard on making Swapit more and more useful for our buyers and sellers on Swapit. So it is great to see that our stats are up by 91% for the time our buyers and sellers spent inside our Swapit apps (Android & iOS combined) in the last 60 days compared to the 60 days before that. Here is a chart of that:


swapit_marketing-chart-growThat’s exactly what we’re working for. It is our goal to make Swapit the best trading platform for all of our buyers and our sellers. Yet an average of 5.9 minutes spent per user per day, is not even close to what social networks like Facebook for example have. However, our goal with Swapit is not to waste people’s time in our app. Our goal is very simple: Make it easy for our sellers to sell their stuff quickly and make it easy for buyers to buy products quickly. Though, it’s a good thing for us, that people appreciate our app and like to stay in there, browse around and have a good time — we do still want to make it easier and quicker for them to buy and sell. If that would mean, that the time spent inside our app goes down, then so be it. In the end, we can only be measured by the transactions that are processed through Swapit.

Have you tried Swapit yet? It’s free. Get it from: http://get.swapit.la/now


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