$1.5 Billion GMV on Swapit ↗️ 15x in 4 months


Just a little over 4 months ago Swapit’s GMV posted on our marketplace had surpassed $100 million, but in early January we surpassed the $1.5 billion, which is $1,500 million! That’s an incredible growth if you consider that it took us 6 months to move from $0 to $1M,  11 months from $1M to $30M and just one month from $30M to $100M of GMV posted on Swapit.

That’s up +1,500% over just the last 4 months.

We’ve launched several an app updates in between, which made it easier to post items through our app, to promote it to your friends on social media and to discover new items (see Swapit AlertsMake an Offer, 60k Facebook Group, License to Kill, Best User Experience, My Likes, Swapit Referral, and more). At the same time, we’re adding more value for our users, which we prioritize mainly based on feedback we receive through surveys and direct conversations. It’s great so many reach out to me directly and that feedback makes it directly onto our feature list for upcoming releases.

So stay tuned for the next Swapit release. It’s just around the corner and will be launched soon!

Right, we’ve also given away a great prize to the winner of our POST+WIN campaign. Make sure you join!

You didn’t try Swapit yet? Download it for free at http://get.swapit.la


4 thoughts on “$1.5 Billion GMV on Swapit ↗️ 15x in 4 months

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