Focusing on Growth

img_20161016_202644_editI recently tweeted this screen shot on the right. Being super focused on growth and accelerating that growth seems to be paying off.

We’ve done a lot of things recently to ensure more and more people are coming to Swapit and trade their stuff there. We’ve been present at public events, which come with photo ops. We made it easier to share and share to all popular social media, which spreads our Swapit item links (a.k.a. web teasers) and in turn drives more users to Swapit. We’ve brought “Make an Offer” to Swapit, which results in sales closing faster and buyers and sellers being more satisfied with our platform. We’ve made it easier for sellers to cross-post their items into many buy & sell Facebook groups reaching over 700,000 people instantly. We’ve introduced Swapit Alerts, which resulted in higher user engagement – especially on the buyer side – and therefore helps to grow our user base through word of mouth by more satisfied users. We’ve grown the total GMV posted on our platform from $1M to $30M to over $100M. To make it easier for our users to post items on Swapit, we’ve made several changes to the product, which are well received by sellers.

At the same time, we’ve been working with partners to grow our user base. We ran several promotions with happy winners, we’re constantly talking to admins of groups on social media, forums, websites to collaborate. We launched Swapit on the iPhone and its users have an even higher engagement rate. We also placed some great Swapit beach umbrellas across some beaches all over Hong Kong. I am still getting friends asking me about it, because they saw one on a beach. We’ve also gotten some great media coverage over the past months, which always takes a while to kick in.

Upcoming Growth Improvements

swapit_marketing-chart-growOf course, we don’t stop here. We are constantly improving Swapit with one single goal: Increasing our marketplace liquidity. That means making buyers and sellers happier and giving them the right tools to do their trades on our platform and not somewhere else. It also means, making it easy for them to transition to Swapit. Changes in that direction are coming in the very near future. Stay tuned for what’s to come. There will be some more great drafts towards growth.

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