Getting Ready for Swapit iOS BETA – Get Yourself on the List Today!

swapit-blog_appleIt is kind of like an open secret, but we are working on the iPhone / iPad app of Swapit. Of course, we are building a native app to ensure a superior user experience. Some of our competitors put out a “web app”, with which I mean it’s an HTML5-based app that looks like a native iOS app. We just believe a real quality app needs to have a very native feel. It must be snappy, it must be beautiful and it must be very resource efficient. All such things are rather hard to achieve with a “web app”, but to us quality is paramount and therefore, we’re going the long way.

swapit-blog_testflightAs soon as our Swapit iOS app is ready to be tested, we will launch a private beta test through Apple’s TestFlight Beta Testing. It’s a great way and actually the official way to get a beta to your iPhone or iPad. To be on the list for our iOS beta test, please enter your information at the following form:

Request Access to SWAPIT iOS BETA:


Seats are limited (by Apple, btw). So be quick to join.

Your privacy is important to us!
We only ask for your name and email address. That’s required by Apple TestFlight so we can send you a join email once our iOS beta test is ready for you to join.



9 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Swapit iOS BETA – Get Yourself on the List Today!

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