Preparing for a Major Release

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working hard on a new release of Swapit. If you follow us on Twitter (@swapitla) or Facebook ( you probably saw some of our sneak peeks already.

Our current efforts in improving Swapit is geared largely at

  1. increasing market share
  2. increasing engagement inside Swapit
  3. increasing the close rate for sales
  4. increasing the number of items posted
  5. improving the user experience when posting items, i.e. decreasing the time needed to post an item – significantly

While our upcoming new features are still secret, we are getting ready to launch a new update very soon.

Over the weekend, we’ve already upgraded our backend infrastructure and we were actually testing a release candidate. There is still some minor polishing to be done, to ensure ease of use. We are currently working hard on getting that release out the door as soon as possible.

Following that current upcoming release, we are planning also planning a fairly significant campaign geared towards the upcoming Chinese / Lunar New Year celebrations. We’ve got some exciting surprises ready for all of our users. So please stay tuned and make sure you got the latest version of Swapit installed.

Download Swapit for free from


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