Swapit Funding Round – Press Coverage

Just recently, we announced some seed funding for Swapit. There has been an overwhelming response by the media. Here are some selected quotes of that coverage:

Hannah from e27 said:

Swiping away the competitors

Read the full article on e27.

Michael from TechInAsia wrote:

Swapit from Hong Kong threw its mobile gauntlet in the fight this year, and now it’s armed with some seed funding

Read the full article on TechInAsia.

Jorge from Top Funded knows what’s to come:

Swapit […] has no doubt got a boost in its armory

Read the full article on Top Funded.

According to the Tech News Today, Swapit is one of

5 Hottest E-Commerce Startups to Look out for in 2016

Read the full article on Tech News Today.

Following our announcement and media coverage, we were approached by several media for an interview. Of course, we’ll always try to make time for that. For instance, our #StartupPassion friends at WHub had some questions and I was happy to provide them with answers. Here is a quote from the interview:

How do you see your project in 2 years?
In 2 years time, we will have revolutionized the way everyone trades pre-loved and new items with people who are nearby right now. Our market share will be dominant in two to three densely populated cities in the region. […]

Read the full interview on WHub.

There are a couple more interviews and features lined up to be published in other media.


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