Swapit Now Supports 148 Currencies Worldwide

We’ve just released a new update of Swapit with support for 148 currencies. This includes U.S. Dollar, Euro, British Pounds, Renminbi (Chinese Yuan), Japanese Yen, Korean Won, Thai Bhat, Singapore Dollars, and so on. Pretty much all currencies you can imagine.


Update to the latest Swapit version at: http://get.swapit.la

The Long Story

Actually, we had this multi-currency feature planned for a much later stage of Swapit. However, we have seen many people from out side of Hong Kong, downloading Swapit and posting items in their cities. While Swapit worked everywhere in the world, the only currency it supported previously was Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). That made sense in the beginning, because our main focus is on Hong Kong. Yet, we still see a rapidly increasing number of folks from other locations to download our app. In particular we’ve seen several people in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, posting items.

It really is all about making our users happy. We go the extra mile to make sure, we cater to their needs and desires, and one of those points was multi-currency support. Luckily, we built Swapit from the onset with the mindset of supporting multiple currencies. Therefore, it was rather easy for us to add this feature. While it might sound like a quite simple thing to add, I can assure you, it is not as easy as it sounds like. Our team’s experience in building a lot of retail apps and also foreign exchange rates apps, has helped a lot here. Thus, we could whip this off in just a few days – including backend change, server interface, front end user-interface and design adjustments. Heck, we even threw a bunch of minor bug fixes and UI improvements into this release, just because we had some time left before the end of this week’s release cycle.

Stay tuned for next week’s release! We’ll actually introduce another great premium feature to Swapit. No worries, as usual it will be free during our beta, so you all can check it out and benefit from it.

So long, have a great weekend! Hope to see you posting on Swapit. Just go to http://app.swapit.la/post on your phone and start selling now.


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