OnePlus X Give Away Update #1

Three days have passed since the launch of our Give Away promotion. That means a total of 30% of the whole period for this promotion has passed.


Believe it or not, but this is the time when we must look at the campaign’s progress thus far. It is tempting to say “Let the campaign run to the end and then we’ll look out it performed.” We have done that many times before, then measured our results, improved our campaign and then ran another one.

Now, we are acting even more rapidly. One of the great advantages of being on Android only, is to have access to fast product updates. This means, we can improve on the Swapit app and release a new version to all users within hours. That is exactly what we are doing today.

2015-11-23_iwc-chronographOver the past three days we have seen increased engagement with Swapit. for example, an absolutely stunning IWC Portofino Chronograph was posted today. At a discount of over $19,000, this watch is a real steal.

While we have been getting a lot more engagement and many new user sign ups over the past three days, the numbers were slightly behind my expectations. Therefore, it is time to step in, push some of the currently scheduled changes further back and make some necessary adjustments now. Today’s release will become available for all users through Google Play tonight. Because the standard setting of Google Play is to auto-update apps which have a new release available, we expect to have the new release rolled out to the majority of our users within two days. Therefore, at about half the time of our promotion in, we still have enough time to encourage more engagement for the second stint of our promotion period.


In particular, we will be lowering the first barrier of entry to 6 invites instead of 10. The main reason for that is the way the standard Google App Invite dialog is displaying your contacts. By default, that is showing 6 “suggested” contacts at the top which can be tapped easily. If the user wants to select more invites, (s)he needs to either scroll down and select another contact or to enter a person’s email address or phone number. That makes it a bit cumbersome to get up to the 10 required invites. Furthermore, there is also no counter in that dialog which then requires the user to keep in mind how many contacts (s)he has selected. This improvement obviously aims to increase the number of people who already opened the “Invite Contacts” dialog and then complete that action of inviting contacts.

Though, a much larger number of people have seen our promotion dialog, but did not take any action of inviting their friends. They didn’t even click the “Invite 10 Contacts” button to try an invitation. Thus, our main goal with the current release update, is to improve that number.


At first, we will communicate better that the user’s chance to win are actually very high. To make this very easy, we will write something like “You’re 3,410x more likely to win than on Mark 6.” I believe this will put the chances a bit in relation to something most people in Hong Kong know. It also shows that it is actually quite a good chance to win here.


To be honest, I don’t like apps and especially websites who have a blinking button, or a lady that pops up from the bottom and starts talking to me. But there have been many studies done in the past about the psychology of how people interact with websites and apps, and how they can be encouraged to do a certain action.

As a result of our rather low-ish click-rate on the “Invite 10 Contacts” buttons in our promotion popup dialog, we will add a subtle yet noticeable highlight animation to that button. It has to fit into the material design guidelines and should not be too distracting. However, it’s main purpose to bring the user’s focus of attention to his or her next action. In particular the next action we would like him or her to do now. Even if this would increase our click-through-rate by just 5% it would an improvement worth doing.


While this is not urgent at this moment, we need to make sure people are aware of the fact, that this give away promotion comes with a time limit. From the onset, we had a nice counter that communicates nicely how long it is possible to join. Now, with the latest release, we are adding two more notices that are aimed at engaging our audience at a specific point in time. In particular, every user who has not participated in the promotion yet, will receive a notification in his/her notification hub as a reminder to join the promotion. This notification will show 3 days and once more 1 day before the promotion expires.

In the end, everything we do with this promotion to increase engagement which in turn is aimed at creating more market liquidity. It is absolutely essential to bring these improvements as quickly as possible and ensure we are providing the best value to our loyal users.


There is now 1 week left in our Give Away promotion and we’re confident, we will increase our user numbers significantly during that time. If you haven’t joined the promotion yet, just head to Swapit and invite some friends. It really only takes 20 seconds!

Launch the Swapit promotion now:

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