Swapit Traction Update – November 1st – 100% User Growth in One Month

On October 1st we had just over 1,500 users on Swapit. Today on November 1st Swapit is sporting over 3,000 users. Have a look:


Do you remember? Just a few weeks back it took us 2 months to double our user numbers. Now we have doubled them within one month. Hence, Swapit registrations are accelerating and a good speed!

We will keep working hard on getting more traders onto our platform. Our number 1 goal is to accelerate marketplace liquidity through that.

swapit_marketing-chart-growOther current stats are:

  • Current users: 3,006 (previously 1,502 up 100%)
  • Items posted: 1,175 (previously 979 up 20%)
  • Chat messages sent: 5,544 (previously 4,714 up 18%)
  • Comments posted: 2,462 (previously 2,005 up 23%)

Note: the percentages stated above are in relation to our stats on October 1st, 2015. All such stats are public and can be viewed inside Swapit.

Download swapit for free: http://get.swapit.la

P.S.: Those UI designers amongst you might notice a slight difference in this screen shot compared to the previous stats screen shot. It’s taken with the latest beta 10 which is about to go public within a day or two. Stay tuned for some new features coming your way!

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