Post Once and Reach 221,000 Potential Buyers Instantly

swapit_marketing-messagingIn our Swapit beta 9 we introduced sharing to Facebook groups. It is dead simple and can be done within a few seconds. Now, we have added more groups to our list of supported Facebook groups.

221,000 People on Facebook at Your Fingertips

In total, you can now easily reach all members of all groups swapit integrates with. As of today, that totals up at around 221,000 people. While those folks are not necessarily well targeted, as they include just everyone in those groups, reaching out to them still allows you to spread about the item you are selling my a multitude! We initially launched our Facebook group sharing with just 3 hand-picked groups that allowed you to reach 15,000 people. We have now extended that to a total of 13 groups with a much larger member base.

Post Once – Reach Many

We have always believed to make it as easy as possible for buyers and sellers to find each other. One piece in the puzzle to accomplish this, is our “post once, reach many” approach. In terms of making your sale fast, it is more likely to find a buyer through Swapit faster than through any other app, website or social media. Just because Swapit uses its unique technology to pro-actively reach out to potential buyers who are nearby right now. However, we also acknowledge that we all need to save as much time as possible and we want to be as productive as possible. Therefore, we believe, we can make everyone’s life easier by allowing such quick and easy shares to Facebook. As a seller, you only need to take your photos once, enter the title / description / price once and then hit “publish”. This is a much more efficient way of selling items, than any other platform or app we know about.

swapit_pop-hkExpanding Facebook Group Integration

We are currently working on getting more Facebook Groups on board, to reach roughly 500,000 members that can be addressed within a few seconds. We believe, from a seller’s perspective, this is the most attractive, most efficient and most convenient way to post items for sale.

Stay tuned for new updates coming to Swapit soon!

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