Swapit Covered by Top Funded

swapit-blog_topfundedA while back, I met Jorge from TopFunded.com at Echelon 2015 in Singapore. We had a great chat back then and so I kept him up to date with our latest developments at swapit.

Just recently, Jorge reached out to me and was interested in an interview. Of course, I am always happy to speak about our story and our vision. Jorge actually came up with the term “hyper-local marketplace” which I kind of like. We never used that term before, but I believe it is quite fitting to swapit. So if you’d like to know read the full interview, please head over to Top Funded and enjoy.

Read the full interview: Hong Kong’s Swapit App a Hyper-local Marketplace Solution

You have not tried swapit yet? Download it for free today: http://get.swapit.la


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