Friday Counter Fun

It’s always great to have some metrics to measure your product’s success. Today is Friday, the end of the week, the day we’re having our group lunch and the day to do some silly things. So our Customer Happiness Officer William dug into his programming skills and hacked a quick ‘n dirty counter for the office. Here is how it looks like:

Granted, it could be “fancied” up a bit. Maybe soon? Who knows.

But just showing the numbers wasn’t enough. We needed sounds! Every time some stats change in the counter, it plays a sound – for different interactions, different sounds. So for example, if someone posts a new item on swapit, a lovely lady says “swapit la!”. If a new user signs up, a “success” ring plays. If someone sends a chat message, a short “ping” sound plays. Sometimes, when people go crazy chatting around, it can get really loud in the office then.

I love the stats counter, though. It keeps us always up to date with everything happening inside swapit. It’s a great way to stay on top of your game!


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