Swapit® – Registered Trade Mark with a Story

swapit-blog_registered-trademarkLong story short: Swapit is now a Registered Trade Mark!

Protecting your intellectual property is essential for every business. So right after we started working on swapit, we filed our trade mark application on January 8th, 2015. That was even before I published our first blog post. On September 8th, 2015 we have now received the official registration document and we are proud owners of the “SWAPIT” trade mark.


As usual, all such documents are public record and can be viewed at the Intellectual Property Department.

This now allows us to protect our business against anyone who tries to use our name to associate themselves with us, or even to impersonate us. It is absolutely essential to ensure, that swapit is the synonyme for trading pre-loved items in Hong Kong with your mobile. If you don’t have your trade mark registered, do it now. It’s rather straight forward and a good first step on protecting your business.

Check out swapit today: http://get.swapit.la

The Longer Story

In fact, there is a bit of a longer story behind the successful registration of our swapit trade mark. Just from the time frames you can see that there was some delay:

  • Date of filing: 2015-01-08
  • Date of publication: 2015-03-27
  • Date of actual registration: 2015-09-08

Based on the usual opposition period of 3 months, which starts at the date of application, we should have received the trade mark on 2015-06-27. Just before that opposition period came to an end, a potential opponent to our trade mark, applied for an extension of the opposition period. We were notified and had the chance to ask for a hearing to present our case on wether or not the Registrar of Trade Marks should allow such an extension. We have forfeited our right for that hearing due to certain internal considerations. In the end, the opposition period was extended by two months, which means the total period for opposing our trade mark ended on 2015-08-26. That potential opponent, who asked for the extension of the opposition period, must have realized that (s)he does not have any grounds for opposing our trade mark application and did not file for opposition. Therefore, we have now received our official notice of Trade Mark registration.

(There is an even longer and more detailed story behind this, which is best being told in a pub over a pint of fresh beer. Ask me if you like.)


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