Swapit Outranks Carousell, Aliexpress, Sasa, Marks + Spencer, JD, Lazada, Yahoo! and others on Google Play

swapit_marketing-chart-growOur Swapit app on Google Play is climbing up the app store listing quickly. Without much effort, swapit has today reached the #27 most popular shopping app rank on Google Play!

Our unique approach of pro-actively reaching out to potential buyers has created an outstanding user experience on the buyer and seller side of our marketplace. This satisfaction motivates a large number of our users to invite their friends, family and social peers to swapit, which in turn fuels the rapidly growing market liquidity of swapit.

Read more about our view on market liquidity at: “Growing Buyer Liquidity for the Swapit Marketplace – Here is what we NOW focus on!”

While swapit is not #1 in the shopping category of free apps on Google Play yet, we are definitely heading towards that direction very strongly. Right now we come in at #27 which looks like this:


The greatest achievement of our higher ranking is, that we have outranked a good number of successful shopping app, which are very relevant in the Hong Kong market.

Apps of Major Brands Outranked by swapit on Google Play:

  • #32 Lazada
  • #34 Yahoo!
  • #41 JD
  • #46 Aliexpress
  • #47 Carousell (our largest direct regional competitor)
  • #60 Rakuten
  • #63 Jetso
  • #71 Sasa
  • #78 Gap
  • #110 Marks and Spencer

Have a look this gallery of screen shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our efforts in building a strong market liquidity has resulted in a much higher number of downloads for swapit. That’s especially great, as we are continuously working to improve our beta and make it even more user friendly. At the same time, we are out at festivals, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and are pitching, pitching, pitching as much as possible. We now see the result of that hard work of passion for a product we firmly believe in!

Wanna give swapit a try? Just go to http://get.swapit.la and download it for free!

If you want to know more about swapit, go to: http://swapit.la


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