3 Simple Steps About How to Buy and Sell Your Pre-Loved Items on swapit

swapit_marketing-chart-growSince swapit has gone public beta a week ago we have seen an explosion in growth of users. New items are being posted every day and we receive great feedback from our user base. Thanks a lot to all of our users – you rock!

To make it even easier for everyone to get the most out of swapit, here is a quick 3-step-how-to illustration:


So in very simple terms, you can easily post an item for sale by:

  1. Take a photo (or up to three photos)
  2. Enter title, description and price
  3. Publish

In less than 30 seconds you’re done! Then, you will see magic happen when we notify all interested buyers nearby of your offering!

As a buyer, getting an item is just as simple:

  1. Browse items closest to you or view items recommended by swapit notifications
  2. Show your interest in an item you like
  3. Chat with the seller to seal the deal

Swapit charges no fees for sellers and no fees for buyers. So it’s your turn to give it a try – today!

Go to http://get.swapit.la to download swapit for free.

Psssst: We’re working on the next beta of swapit with brand new features. Stay tuned!


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