CoCoon Pitch Night Semi Finals – Winner’s Recap

As I have mentioned earlier, we were invited to pitch our story at CoCoon last Thursday. It was the first time the swapit team appeared in public to promote swapit. It was also the first time we took part in a public pitching competition.

The Result: swapit won the CoCoon Pitch Night Semi-Finals 2015!

main-winner-photoThis now means that we will pitch again at the CoCoon Pitch Finals Spring 2015 on April 16th, 2015! If you haven’t seen us yet, come and join! Simply RSVP for the event.

swapit-bannerWhile it wasn’t actually our intention to win, we at swapit are absolutely happy about the result. We are not actually good at pitching, but we believe in our product. We believe we have a value proposition that makes sense and a lot of people can relate to swapit as a daily tool that makes their life easier.

While we are also looking for investors, our main intention to attend the CoCoon Pitch Semi-Finals was to attract new beta testers to our current swapit beta. So we set up shop there and got some really great feedback from visitors of the event. Many of which find our approach very interesting and some have joined our beta. So all in all, it was an absolutely great event that helped us gain some more traction for swapit. We are absolutely confident, to bring our very best to the CoCoon Pitch Finals on April 16th!

If you haven’t joined our swapit beta yet, please request your invite at

Enjoy the photo gallery of that great night:


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