After the beta is before the beta

swapit-blog_betaAfter having launched beta 1 on February 4th, 2015 we launched beta 2 on February 17th. While we are still in beta, each new beta brings us one step closer to a first final release of swapit. For the time being, our main motto at each beta launch is:

After the beta is before beta!

Yes, it’s not a unique slogan, but it is one that very much fits our situation. We take each beta at a time. We do have a rough plan in terms of features we’d like to add to our product. However, we very much depend on the feedback of our great beta testers.

If you’re a beta tester, let me say THANK YOU right here. Your feedback is very important for us to plan the right features, show them in right style and prioritize them according to your wishes.

After the beta is before the beta, mainly means that we are continuously working on improving swapit. We are adding new features, improving the usability and user experience and of course, we are removing issues from our previous beta versions. It’s a beta after all – so please expect bugs – and report them.

Recruiting for beta 3

swapit-blog_requestAfter the beta is before the beta, also means for us that after beta 2 has been released to our invite-only beta testers, recruiting starts for our beta 3. As I had mentioned in a previous article, we are planning to add an additional 150 beta testers to our beta 3 which should then launch with at least 210 beta testers in total.

If you want to be one of the 150 new beta testers, REQUEST YOUR INVITE on our website today:

Swapit can be only as good an app as the community wants it to be. We have all technical capabilities at our disposal that allow us to add all features that make sense for swapit.

Recruiting true beta testers that provide first-hand feedback to us is a hard job. If any of you have ever run a beta test (we at S4BB Limited ran about a dozen), you know how hard it is to get the right beta testers on board. We are now working very hard to get the right beta testers join our beta test. Only when we have added an additional 150 beta testers, we will release beta 3 of swapit. If you want to help us get the right people on board and you know someone who is interested to join, please point them to to request their invite there.

Thanks a lot for everyone’s help in advance. We do very much appreciate the support you all give us.


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